Learning as People Want

Learning that People Do

Made for Learning

Knowledge has become visual.
Video is the new manual.

Vidleos is a new, in-the-cloud learning platform that is positively disrupting how organizations learn, develop and communicate with their people through the power of video.

Learning through social engagement.

Vidleos activates and celebrates learning through social engagement. Because Vidleos is in the cloud, people learn when they are in their best mindset for it, on connected devices, anywhere, anytime. All Vidleos activity is tracked and recorded for constant improvement.

The new manual
The new manual
Short-form videos designed to communicate, learn, do, engage and share.
Any time, anywhere
Any time, anywhere
Delivered across any connected device for 24/7 engagement, when people are in their best frame of mind to learn.
Social Learning
Social Learning
Embracing the power of peer to peer learning, facilitating best practice sharing to new practice innovation.

Watch. Learn. Do.

Most people ‘outsource’ new know-how, meaning we watch and learn from our peers.

Vidleos allows you to capture these moments and share individual skills across your organization. This social approach to learning is captured in our proprietary approach called Watch, Learn, Do that accelerates and locks in learning.
Short, informal videos that capture and record knowledge and skills in action
Pulling out key learnings and take-aways through simple, quick fire Q&A
Creating immediate calls to action including individual and social responses

At Work

Vidleos at Work

Vidleos is built upon a tried and proven learning spectrum. We start by amplifying blended learning solutions, then increase communications engagement towards the ultimate goal of using Social Learning to build cultural capabilities.

What our clients are saying. ..

Vidleos have quickly become an important part of our L&D team, more of a partner.
Making a change to or contact centre training would of normally taken 6 months - with Vidleos we successfully did it in a month.
When looking for a training platform we shopped around, then came back to Vidleos.
Visual is the new manual.
We take H&S very seriously. Vidleos enabled us to get important messages to the right people, simply, and effectively.
Dominon Contructors
We wanted to digitalise our on-boarding process, Vidleos did it brilliantly.
AA Insurance
We had short time frame to roll out, and train a new CRM system, into our contact centre. We simply couldn’t have done it without Vidleos.
Fisher & Paykel

The Vidleos Learning Spectrum


Facilitating formal induction programs through Vidleos




Structured Learning

Translating structured learning programs into Vidleos





Vidleos as a communication channel, turning one-way messages into active, cultural conversation



Social Learning

Social learning through peer-to-peer shoot and share, the best of which update Vidleo best practice, and/or become Vidleos examples of new practice.



Examples of Vidleos at work:

HR Training & Development

Amplifying blended learning solutions through translating training content, manuals and courses into our dynamic Watch, Learn, Do method.

Socializing learning across the organization, becoming the cultural bank of shared learning in action including spontaneous best practice feedback.

Internal Communications

Solving the problem of internal messages being lost in the cultural noise through using personal, low-fi videos to engage, including adding a call-to-action that can be tracked and analyzed for response and impact.

Sales & Marketing

Cultural studies prove that organizations whose employees are fans and consumers of their own products perform better than those who aren’t.

Vidleos facilitates ‘selling and marketing’ to employees first, creating internal fans who then create external fans i.e. engage your people as a target audience so they then do the same for their target audiences and customers.

Buying & Merchandising

Facilitating fast moving business functions that require real-time feedback from peers, including content engagement for time critical decisions.

Leadership & Management

Facilitating one-to-many communication, Vidleos becomes a broadcast platform for leadership engagement and messaging, helping foster a more present, connected culture.

Consumer Engagement

The success of some products and services is dependent on consumer education about features and benefits. Vidleos is tailor made for targeted consumer engagement via active learning.

Made Easy

Made Easy

We make video simple and cost effective.

The technology in people’s smartphones does away with the need for lights, camera, action.

Shoot and Share

We call it ‘shoot and share’: we provide easy hints and tips so that anyone with a smartphone can shoot and upload short videos to our platform to make a new Vidleo.

Our in-house production team can quickly get you started. We often help new clients bank a number of Vidleos to kick things off, including training internal champions to build Vidleos capability.

However, if you prefer to concentrate on what you do well, you can leave it all to us. We’re here to help.


A Rising Tide Lifts All

Vidleos is shaped by our beliefs and experiences around learning. Turns out our team share the same core belief - that everyone is great at something... every one. So, we imagined being able to capture people's individual greatness in action, and share it with peers, within teams and across organizations for the benefit of all.

That is what drives us at Vidleos.
That is what we're about.

It's amazing how fast the visual web has become part of our daily screen behaviour. Who of us doesn't click a video link received from peers on email or viewed late at night when 'sofa-surfing'!

Our Vidleos 'videos made for learning' idea began through observation and personal experience.

We first looked at channels and methods; at the vast difference between the out-dated ways businesses use for workplace engagement compared to how most people click, connect and share on personal devices.

We then trawled our own combined experiences; from failed software deployment not because the platform didn't work but through a failure to communicate and educate, to successful cultural innovation where top-down leadership meets bottom-up activation.

These insights provided our creative inspiration: combine the power of video for learning at work with the familiarity of social technologies. And so create a rising tide of learning that elevates the skills and capabilities for all.

Our simple yet elegant concept of watch/learn/do, combined with the ease of facilitation that the latest mobile technology provides, makes Vidleos the learning and development platform to fully engage organizations and lift total company performance.

If that sounds like you, please contact us and we'll be in touch.

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The Team

John Mason
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
John has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience across a diverse number of industries including sport, fashion, telecoms and mobile. He has a real passion for how software can better enable people to do great things.
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Neil Grobler
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Neil is one of the best of the new breed cross-platform developers. He's been at the forefront of recent technology shifts, writing and developing some of the first applications that translated analogue, consumer products into tablet and smartphone solutions.
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Matt Hart
Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder
Matt is a global innovator. He's spent the past 20+ years designing and leading innovation programs for some of the world's best known brands. He's known for translating the science of consumer innovation into the arts of music, TV, film, radio etc.
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Erica Gianesini
Video Director & Production
Erica carries on the Italian tradition of excellence in film making. Having worked in the film industry for over 8 years, Erica now heads up Vidleos film and production partners.
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Aaron Johnston
Aaron is a senior, global executive with extensive business experience focusing in Mergers and Acquisitions. For Vidleos, Aaron is working with the Vidleos co-founders around business strategy and planning for robust growth.