Stay connected with Vidleos notifications

By Tarryn Jenkins • 22 June 2017

You may have noticed a new feature appear on your Vidleos main menu recently. After feedback from clients, we've added a Notifications menu so that you can quickly review any new activity in Vidleos when you log in.

Click on the Notifications menu, and you'll see any new content that has been added, any comments that have been made by your colleagues, and if someone has replied to a comment you have made. It's a great way to keep up to date with what's new and trending on Vidleos.


Once you've reviewed your Notifications, you can simply delete the ones you don't want by using the Delete button to the right of the notification.

If you're using the Vidleos mobile app, this functionality has been available since we launched, so now you have the same updates on the web platform too.

Another great reason to start commenting and sharing your thoughts with your peers on Vidleos.


Tarryn Jenkins
Tarryn is Head of Learning at Vidleos and is an experienced Learning & Development consultant who is passionate about building strategies and programs that enable organizations to develop their greatest asset, their people.