Induction Revolution

By Esher Williams • 6 February 2018

A company’s induction works on the same basis as a welcome to a guest in a restaurant. It is the biggest opportunity to make that first impression. We drum into our front of house team members to always make eye contact and smile within [x] seconds.

We are also taught it takes 3 seconds for someone to form an opinion of you, 7 seconds for that to be embedded and a lifetime for those opinions of you to be changed. Another example of why those initial moments of meeting someone, or a business, are so very crucial. 

Why then do companies so often completely neglect induction or get it so very wrong? That golden opportunity, to confirm to the new starter that they have made the right decision in joining you and that your business is somewhere they belong, a place that is going to look after them. These important messages are so often missed or delivered in a way that completely disengages the types of people who are drawn to the hospitality industry.

Most operational hospitality people can think of nothing worse than death by PowerPoint. Being made to sit in a room for a day or two, “aargh, get me out of here!”, they scream.  Why put these ‘doers’ through such anguish? Does that really make them want to stay?

Forward-thinking Heads of People, HR Managers or L&D Managers are realising that the tables have turned and that prospective hirees are now asking a business “what can you do for me?” rather than the other way around. They want to know why they should come to your business, what do you have to offer them and what’s in it for them, apart from the obvious remuneration.

Even smarter leaders of hospitality businesses are using their usually ever shrinking budgets in clever ways and making it go further than ever before. Slim lining inductions can be a really effective way of freeing up budget and resources for other exciting initiatives.

As an example of the impact a new look digital induction can have, we have a national F&B client who were spending £50k per year on bringing team members together for a company induction in London. A slightly eye-watering investment when you consider the general turnover stats for the hospitality industry. 

The same business now inducts through our Vidleos platform at a fraction of the cost and with great success. Their content shows leaders of their business with their pizzazz in full flow, delivering messages of welcome, sharing information, visions and encouraging stories. All supported by animated presentations that ensure new team members have everything they need, in one place and in the palm of their hands.

If you would like to know more get in touch and we will send you an information pack with more details. 

Esher Williams
Esher is Head of People & Learning at Vidleos and has been in Hospitality for over 20 years and specialising in hospitality learning and development for over 10 years. Esher is passionate about helping team members learn in ways that appeal to them at the same time as helping businesses get the best out of their people and achieve their objectives.