Tag - you're it!

By Tarryn Jenkins • 17 August 2017

Why are search tags so important? Let's take a look.

When we first built our video based learning platform, we could never imagine just how much content our clients would create and upload. 

Anything and everything (one client calls it their everything) is making its way into what we are now starting to refer to as a visual knowledge bank. Plus, with the growth of peer to peer sharing of ideas and solutions, it's about to get bigger (a whole lot bigger).

So, we need to get in the habit of tagging the content to improve searchability and make it easy for your learners to find what they are looking for! If we want search to work really well, it needs information to search on. That's where tags come in. Titles, descriptions, and tags on content need to be accurate and up to date so that your search results are meaningful for your learners.

Adding tags is easy to do in Vidleos and takes just seconds. Watch the screencast above, and get tagging people!

If you need help just ask, heck we will even do it for you.

Tarryn Jenkins
Tarryn is Head of Learning at Vidleos and is an experienced Learning & Development consultant who is passionate about building strategies and programs that enable organizations to develop their greatest asset, their people.