We’re a team of filmmakers, technology experts and L&D professionals. Our goal is to make Vidleos the world’s best video learning platform.

Our passion is to help people learn new things better at work. We collaborate with like minded people, organisations and clients who truly believe in their people. Our ultimate goal is to shift learning to a more of a ‘want to’ than ‘have to’ proposition.

“I’m passionate about how we can make learning at work feel similar to how people ‘learn' in their personal lives.” JOHN MASON Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder


Today’s learning medium is visual. Today’s learning media is video. Today’s learning is bite-sized and mobile. This is where and how Vidleos started in the context of workplace learning.

Young people today are connected 24/7. They’re sharing their thoughts, ideas and content among their social networks every day. Despite this, learning in many work places is out of date and under delivering on the promise of digital engagement.

We created Vidleos because we’re passionate about solving these problems.

“Unless learning is actively supported by culture, it’s probably expensive training that's adding questionable new value.” MATT HART Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder


John Mason Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Matt Hart Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder
Neil Grobler Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Esher Williams Head of People & Learning
Erica Gianesini Video Director & Production
Erifili Missiou Production Assistant
Silvia Lozza Videographer
Daniel Hurley Videographer
Toby Warren Videographer
Karolis Andriulis Videographer