Inductions: "WOW" or "WOW, that was crap"

By John Mason • 9 July 2017

Data tells us that up to 30% of people leave their new jobs within the first 3 months, and often due to poor training and communications. This just isn’t acceptable any longer. 

One of the biggest areas we can help our clients is through On-boarding or Induction. It's the first interaction that new team members have when they join an organisation - so why is it more often than not, massively under-whelming?

We have helped major brands in New Zealand and the UK fix inductions for good. We can help on-board or induct people before they even step foot in the building, on their mobiles, when they are in the right frame of mind. That can be through informing people on the culture, history, their teams, people they will be working with, systems, and even Health & Safety. We have a great way of delivering videos where we  interview key people who can get clear simple messages across, and really help people better connect to the business and make a fast, better start to their new role in your organisation.

At Vidleos, our goal is to fix inductions for good. But don’t take our word on it, watch our case study video above with Esher Williams, Head of People at Strada, talking about how we helped them transform their new employee onboarding experience.

John Mason
As CEO and co-founder of Vidleos, John is passionate about how we can make learning at work feel similar to how people learn in their private lives.