Making Videos: Planning

By Erica Gianesini • 14 February 2017

So, you want to make your own Vidleos - videos made for learning. Watch the first video in our Making Videos series that will help you make the best possible start. 

This first video is focused on Planning. Before you even pick up the camera, it's important you consider what you want to achieve with your video, what are your key messages, and who is your audience?

Each week, we'll be releasing a new video in the Making Videos series that will give you tips and tricks on how to shoot great smartphone videos to share on Vidleos.

Remember, its a journey, the important thing is to start. Let us know what you think, and where else you might like some help.

Erica Gianesini
Erica Gianesini is Head of Filming at Vidleos. She is a director, a writer, a visual storyteller. She loves shaping content, people and ideas into stories that have an impact.