Our passion is to help people learn new things better at work. We collaborate with like minded people, organisations and clients who truly believe in their people. Our goal is to make Vidleos the world’s best video learning platform.

Who Are We?

We’re a team of highly experienced individuals, who collectively are much greater than the sum of our parts. Together we cover management and sales, learning and innovation, digital and technology, design and film.

Who Are We For?

Young people today are connected 24/7. They’re sharing their thoughts, ideas and content among their social networks everyday. Despite this, learning in many work places is out of date and under delivering on the promise of digital engagement.

We created Vidleos because we're passionate about solving these problems.

“I’m passionate about how we can make learning at work feel similar to how people ‘learn' in their personal lives.” JOHN MASON Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder


John Mason Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Matt Hart Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder
Neil Grobler Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Erica Gianesini Video Director & Production
Silvia Lozza Videographer
Daniel Hurley Videographer
Esher Williams Head of People & Learning
Hazel Thumath Designer


We’re all about Video

Today’s learning medium is visual.
Today’s learning media is video.
Today’s learning is bite-size and mobile.
This is where and how Vidleos started in the context of workplace learning.

Why video for learning?

The truth is we all ‘out-source’ our problems on a daily basis. What we do is regularly turn to our peers for answers. We watch and learn from others. So we wanted to design a product that could easily capture how people naturally learn and translate it into visual knowledge.

Vidleos makes Video easy

All kinds of companies are trying to transition learning into video. Historically this has been difficult, expensive and cumbersome in terms of lights, camera, action (to say nothing of licensed content).

Then there's the problem of where to put video content so everyone can engage? YouTube isn’t the solution - that’s like broadcasting your intellectual property to the world?!

We’ve done the hard work to make videos at work easy. Our platform deploys the latest cloud solutions, video compression technology and responsive web app design. This means that we make visual knowledge - and robust learning interaction - available on any device, at any time.

Towards a Culture of Shared Learning

Our ultimate goal is to help build and facilitate a culture of learning. We work hard to make Vidleos a natural part of your learning practice. Our Shoot, Shape and Share approach makes it super easy for DIY story capture, then upload for shared visual learning.

This means problem solving, help and mentoring are all in one place, on demand for instant engagement. It's this new kind of peer-to-peer visual learning that is the opportunity for businesses to become learning organisations - continuing to learn new things better, and make new things happen faster

”Software should be simple to use and easy for the user to navigate whether that’s an end user learning or an administrator setting up the learning." NEIL GROBLER Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder


We know the hardest thing is getting started. So, we've worked super hard to remove all the barriers to making a fast start.

First us with you

Typically we lead at the beginning. We help identify your great people and build a small team to capture them in action in their natural work places. This makes the content more fun, fresh, engaging, and most importantly believable.

Towards a Culture of Shared Learning

Learning this way - through your peers or recognised peer experts - makes a massive difference and works unbelievably well. Then we train your people - through our Vidleos-maker workshops and in-platform ‘how-to-video’ learning - to build your internal ‘Shoot/Shape/Share’ capability to keep improving on the start.

“Unless learning is actively supported by culture, it’s probably expensive training that's adding questionable new value.” MATT HART Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder